3 Easy Steps…

Feb 18, 2021Website Tips

We decided last year to have the carpets in our lounge, hall, stairs and landing replaced.

They’re a horrible dirty beige colour with plenty of permanent stains from the previous owners.

It’s now been 5 years in this house, so it’s well overdue.

Except it seems there’s a national shortage of carpets, thanks to Brexit.

At least that’s what my carpet guy, Connor, is telling me.

I can’t tell you how many samples I’ve approved only to be told there’s no stock!

So I did a bit of research myself.

There are British carpet manufacturers, so surely they have no Brexit-related supply issues?

I found one site which I was really impressed with and you know me, I take note of what is good.

You could order up to 3 samples that they would send to you.

The samples came today in an envelope that I thought was a bit of really clever marketing and something I advocate on websites.

EASY Steps to transforming your home with Cormar.

First they tell you that there’s 3 easy steps. They’ve added their brand name to help me get familiar with them.

That skips a load of objections that a potential customer could be thinking and lets me know what’s involved and makes it sound really simple.

Choose your favourite samples from inside – yep there were 3 decent sized squares of the colours I had selected so I can see how they might be in the spaces as well as feel the lush quality

Select your local Cormar retailer (list included) – how convenient is this? They’ve printed me a list of my local retailers so I don’t have to go searching again. They’ve repeated their brand name – repetition of their brand name helps it to stick.

Visit your local Cormar retailer to order your carpet – Note they’ve repeated their brand name yet again. This printed envelope was probably printed in pre-pandemic times when we could drive and non-essential shops were open. I guess they’re using up old stock of envelops. So if this was me, I’d update this with ‘call’ because we’re in lockdown and shops are shut. But you get the idea right?

Notice it’s 3 steps. 2 would be too little and 4 or more would be make the process seem long-winded and overwhelming.

Having steps laid out simply like this help the customer in their journey to doing business with you and it’s a section on a website that I like to include on all websites I build.

How to construct 3 easy steps on your website’s homepage is also included in my Super Easy Website Programme.

Over to you….

Does your website include 3 easy steps to working with you?

How could you incorporate this in your copy?

I’d love to know what you come up with.

Image by Bruno/Germany from Pixabay