Are Facebook Pages worth having?

Apr 20, 2021Social Media

Are Facebook pages worth having

The reach on Facebook Page posts is so poor these days, you may wonder if they’re worth bothering about. Here’s how to use Facebook Pages in your marketing mix.

I was asked this question recently.

The reach on their FB page was so bad, they questioned the value of having it and the bother of maintaining it.

Facebook want you to spend ad money to promote and create ad campaigns for your business and to do that you need a Page.

Hence the reach of posts from FB Pages across the board is very poor.

It’s to encourage you to spend money on ads, which is how Facebook make money.

But if you don’t intend spending money on ads, is it worth having a Facebook Page?

Can a Facebook Page add value to your marketing mixture?

The biggest networking opportunity in the world

Here’s my view.

Facebook is the biggest networking opportunity in the world from the comfort and convenience of your phone and/or computer.

When you post and comment as yourself on other people’s posts, you’re putting yourself out there.

Whilst it can be scary not knowing who else is watching and taking note of what you do, you can flip that and use that as an opportunity to get more eyes on your business.

I get far better reach and engagement from my personal profile.

My personal profile is my public facing persona.

Be selective about what you share

I don’t share anything personal that I would rather be kept private.

I do share personal stuff, but only stuff I’m happy for everyone to know about – like my hobbies, funny stories, life things, anecdotes, holidays (although I’m careful on that one – I don’t want burglars to know our house is empty!).

The personal stuff is my human side and what gets people to know, like and trust me.

It attracts people like me who I love being around.

I’m connected to many people from all walks of my life, not just work related.

And I’ve made countless new connections of people I’ve only ever met on Facebook.

Friend Request Vetting

Before I accept any invitations, I check out their profile and which friends we have in common.

I do the same if I see a comment on a friend’s post that looks intriguing and interesting.

I stalk them first, and sometimes I might send them a friend request if I think we have some common ground and had some rapport or dialogue so that it feels natural and not spammy.

Which brings me nicely back to you never know who else sees your stuff.

For example, I have many personal friends who know me from my theatre group, Rickmansworth Players

They don’t necessarily know me for what I do in my work.

Know, like trust

When I post about my business they get to see what I do and if they see a service that they are contemplating, they’ll reach out.

I could comment on one of my friend’s posts and it would be seen by their friends who I’m not connected with.

The friend of the friend might check out my profile and see what I do and follow the link to my FB page.

From there they might sign up to my lead magnet or make direct contact if they had a need I could fulfil.

Or they may friend request me.

When they’re friends with me, they’ll see my all my posts, including the ones where I’m pitching or subtly pitching my business.

Business Card Equivalent

So, for me my Facebook Page is like a business card or shop window for passer byes.

It helps authenticate and legitimise who I am and what I do.

I do add content on my FB page regularly and make sure it looks current and loved.

Even though the reach on those posts is abysmal.

But it’s still worth my time and effort posting content there so my stuff is viewable publicly without being friends with me.

Is a Facebook Page worth the bother?

So, in answer to the question, are Facebook Pages still worth doing?

As long as it’s in conjunction with other online marketing activities, then I think it sits at the same rank as business cards.

You can happily get by without them, but having them is better.

Next Step

If you’d like help formulating a strategy to make use of social media in your marketing plan then get in touch for an ‘are we right for each other call‘.

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