The Content Creation Club

Jul 30, 2021Content Creation

content creation club

Do you want to increase your online presence, authority, enquiries, and sales WITHOUT running dry of content ideas?

I’m launching the pilot of The Content Creation Club.

It’s for you if you get stuck for ideas with your content for your emails, social posting, and blogging.

The Content Creation Club is the antidote to the anguish of staring at a blank screen not knowing what to write.

Every month you get:

  • Live Online Gold-Finding Interview Session (where I will extract a knowledge nugget or story from you)
  • Get it Written Session (a virtual co-working space to get your content written/recorded)
  • Knowledge Boost Session (online training related to content marketing and strategies)

As a founder member you have influence to shape the Content Creation Club to really meet your needs so that your content will boost your online presence, authority, enquiries, and sales as well as be the inspiration for future members.

Founder Member Lifetime Membership is £299, which gives you forever access to the Content Creation Club.

Just so you know, if I ever offer lifetime membership again, it will never be this low again.


Are you in?

Photo by on Unsplash