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Apr 26, 2021Content Creation

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“I’m so sorry, I’ve just had an emergency call from my driver. His bus has broken down and I need to sort him out with another bus. But don’t worry, my wife will stay and eat!”

That’s what my husband told the restaurant owner, minutes after we had arrived and sat down at our table in the new Persian restaurant that’s opened near us.

We were shown to a table in their outdoor patio area and they took our drinks order.

We were the first diners for the evening.

Just as our drinks arrived and we were studying the menu, my husband got the call from one of his bus drivers and he left.

So, I was left to dine alone.

Now I could have left with my husband, but

a) I was hungry, 

b) I was looking forward to our first meal out since Lockdown 3.0, and 

c) I really didn’t feel comfortable leaving the restaurant after we had booked a table in advance – it’s bad to book and then not show up, but even worse to show up and then leave without eating – right?!

My waitress for the evening, Emma, took my order.

She was very bubbly and we got chatting and that made the dining alone experience more enjoyable.

The restaurant owner was smart having Emma as the waitress.

He could go round himself making sure all the guests were welcomed, shown to their tables, take their orders, serve drinks, cook and serve their food, clear plates away, take payment, but that’s not a smart use of his time.

As more customers come in, it would be impossible to do all that when you’re just one person.

This is true in any business.

You don’t and shouldn’t have to be the one doing every process in your business.

Just like the chatty waitress Emma taking care of one of the processes of running a restaurant (namely looking after customers once they’ve sat down), you can have someone take care of processing your marketing.

My clients are brilliant at what they do and brilliant at creating content from their vast experience and knowledge.

But their zone of genius is not in processing their content so that it gets used in their marketing effectively.

That’s why they hire me to get their content engine built and working, so they focus on creating the content.

While they’re working in their zone of genius helping their clients, we’re making sure their marketing message is consistently out there making sure there is a consistent flow of new customers coming in to take the place of the clients who are done. 

If having a content engine in place in your marketing is something you like the sound of then let’s talk. Schedule a call.

Photo by Headway on Unsplash