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Mar 8, 2021Lead Generation, Website Tips

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We celebrated my mum’s 78th birthday yesterday on a family zoom call.

I made birthday cake for our contingent.

It’s the same fatless sponge recipe that’s been handed down generations for all birthdays in our family.

Only this time I thought I would change it up and switch out the usual whipped cream topping and fresh fruit.

Both my daughter and her boyfriend are intolerant to raw cream so I got some Menier Swiss Milk Chocolate to melt over the top of it instead.

Only I didn’t know that this chocolate doesn’t melt well twice.

I had it all lovely and smoothly liquid ready to apply to the cake top, but since the cake layers weren’t cooled down enough I had to delay applying it.

And when it was cooled down enough, the chocolate had turned solid and despite my best efforts, didn’t melt to a nice smooth liquid again.

It was more like a paste and went on the cake like cold hard butter.

It was ok, and tasted fine, but I was disappointed the chocolate topping wasn’t smooth, like how I had imagined.

Who knew that chocolate didn’t melt twice?

Well, a patisserie chef or cake maker might.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

A bit like websites.

You know they’re integral to your business and should be attracting, filtering and converting dream clients.

You may have tried a few things you saw others do and wondered why it didn’t work for you.

The trouble is when you try to copy what others are doing, you don’t see all the behind the scenes steps going on, or what else they may be doing to get the result you’re seeing or the order they’re doing it in.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

A bit like a patisserie chef would have told me to only melt the chocolate when the cake is cooled down, assembled and ready for it.

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