Create a compelling email subject line

Feb 25, 2021Email Marketing Best Practice

Compelling email subject line

They were there from 5.30am yesterday morning.

5 police cars, a load of police in uniform and plain clothes, a couple of unmarked vans, dogs, armed police raided a house 6 doors down from us.

It’s caused quite a stir.

A LOT more people walking past with dogs, walking or running than normal.

Neighbours peering (including me) wondering what’s going on and speculating with each other.

The local FB group is buzzing with curiosity asking if anyone knows what’s going on.

No-one seems to know anything, or even know the people who live there.

Since we moved here, the house has looked quite neglected with ugly hoardings instead of nice fences and gates like everyone else.

Police have been spotted taking black plastic sacks out.

So much curiosity.

Curiosity makes a good email subject line too.

It sparks a natural tendency in human brains to investigate and figure it out.

Like a good movie or detective series.

Good email subject lines are one of three factors that make people want to open your email.

And using curiosity works way better than bland subject lines like ‘newsletter issue xx’ or similar.

There’s no urgency intimated in a subject line that starts with NEWSLETTER.

Newsletters sound boring and tedious don’t they?

And anyway who even makes time to read a boring newsletter?

If you’re emailing and wondering if your open rates could be better, then look at your subject line and see if you can make it more compelling.

Getting emails opened is one of the topics we cover in Pillar 4: Nurturing your audience by email so that you stay forefront in my Supercharged Website Mastermind.

Take a look.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay