Cyber Attacks

Jul 2, 2021Website Tips

cyber attack

“I’ve got some bad news”

It was my neighbour from 2 doors down.

She was the other end of our terrace block where I lived with my daughters a few years ago.

I was curious to know what bad news she might want to share with me since we had never spoken before.

“What’s happened?” I asked

“We’ve got rats”

What?! Oh no! 😱

“And you probably have them too, as they’re in our loft and can likely get into all the lofts in our terrace”

😱 😱 I’m now shuddering at the thought of a rat invasion.

She then went on to tell me how freaked out she was and that her father laid some traps in the loft and he had discovered a large dead rat there.

😱 😱 😱

I thanked her for telling me and said I’d get some traps for our loft and said goodbye.

As I closed the door I had a flashback moment.


A couple of months or so earlier I could hear scuttling noises in the party wall with our immediate neighbour.

It was a bit freaky and unnerving.

Like we were surrounded by the enemy planning an attack at any moment.

We knew they were there because we could hear them, but we couldn’t see them.

We guessed it must be mice or rats.

Sonic Deterrents

I bought some sonic devices that you plug in to a power socket.

The devices emit a high frequency noise that humans can’t hear but rodents can’t stand so they leave.

And sure enough, as soon as I plugged it in the lounge power socket downstairs, we could hear them scuttling up the wall.

To the upstairs where my bedroom was!

So, I plugged another device in my bedroom and the loft just to be sure.

That seemed to work.

Phew! 😅

Seems they left me and moved further down the terrace to the lady at the end!

Oops. 🥴

Cyber-attacks on Websites

Unexpected attacks like that happen to websites too.

It’s unthinkable the damage and terror the rats could have caused if they had got inside my house.

That’s how cyber attackers work.

Just like rats and house burglars, cyber attackers are continually seeking out vulnerable websites to attack.

Under attack

When they’re in, they can install rogue code and messages, redirects to spammy sites, delete your content and worse, lock you out.

Once infected, it can be very difficult to remove the rogue code and restore, especially if you don’t have a backup.

There are also knock-on effects with Google rankings.

At worst Google will ban your site because of the rogue infection/content. Getting out of that sandbox is very difficult and can take months of negotiation with Google.


So, it’s best to avoid the attack in the first place, right?

It’s a mistake to believe that because you are not a big brand that you’re too small for attackers to target.

Attackers and hackers don’t care about the size of your business.

5 simple steps to keeping your WordPress website safe from hackers and cyber-attackers.

Here are 5 simple-to-implement techniques for protecting your WordPress website from cyber-attack.

1. USERNAME: Don’t have ‘admin’ as your username as that’s an easy guess for hackers to try and they’re half way in because they only need to guess the password.

2. PASSWORD: Make sure there’s a mix of letters, caps, numbers, and symbols in your password. I use LastPass to manage my passwords so I don’t have to remember different passwords and can share passwords safely with those that need to have access.

3. PROTECTION PLUGIN: Install a protection plugin. I use Wordfence. It’s what I teach in my Biz Website Course where I teach how to create a WordPress website.

4. BACKUP: Take regular back-ups of both database files and website files, so there’s always a version to fall back to if you are ever hacked.

5. UPDATE: Regularly update your plugins, theme and WP core files (but make sure there’s a backup before you hit update, in case the update breaks the site).

There you go. Never believe you’re immune to cyber-attack on your small business website. Keep your site safe with these 5 simple steps to keeping your WordPress website safe from hackers and cyber-attackers.

BTW, if you have a website built with Constant Contact’s web builder tool, then all of this is taken care of by them. All you need to concern yourself with is the content as they take care of all the security, maintenance and software updates.

Super easy, right?

That’s why I created the Super Easy Website Programme. For small business owners who don’t want the faff of WordPress or have the time for all the maintenance WordPress requires.

Go check it out.

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash