Dating and Websites

Dec 2, 2021Content Creation, Website Tips

Dating and websites are not so dissimilar. This article shares the lessons from what works with dating and how that can be used in your website homepage.

dating and websites

My best friend Paula was telling me about a first date experience she had with a guy she matched up to on a dating app.

They had arranged to meet at a bar for a drink so they could get to know one another.

But all he did was talk about himself and not once asked her a single question about herself.

And when she did manage to break into his monologue, he took no interest in anything she said, and quickly brought the conversation back to himself.

He talked about his job, past girlfriends, failed relationships, his children, his parents, his world travels, and his motorbike.

He may have thought he was an interesting person with all these activities and achievements he was telling Paula about, but the truth was she was not in the least bit impressed.

To be interesting you need to be interested. People love to talk about themselves, so had Paula’s date asked her questions and took an active interest as to what she was into, as well as talk about himself, then he might had stood a chance of a second date.

No second date came of this encounter.

It’s not dissimilar to your website homepage.

It’s like a first date.

If all your homepage talks about is you and your achievements and qualifications, then that’s a big turnoff for the very people you want to attract.

Just like a potential love-interest partner, you need to talk about your ideal customers in a way that makes them feel like you understand them.

When your homepage is like a monologue of your achievements, then your potential customers can’t see how they fit in or be helped by you.

So, talk about the problems they have, and how that makes them feel, then introduce yourself as someone who can help them.

I’ve been working on a few websites these past few weeks and that’s what we’ve been focussing on.

Making sure that the copy is customer focused.

You can see that in practice in – my most recent web creation.

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