Disrespecting Your Customers

Jan 13, 2022Email Marketing Best Practice

Why would anyone disrespect their customers knowingly? Yet, you could be doing exactly this without realising.

This article illustrates the negative effects of not taking purchasers out of your email campaigns after they bought.

Disrespecting Your Customers

“5 juicy, easy-peel oranges for a pound”.

The man at the fruit and veg stall in Staines market was yelling.

The thought of peeling an orange easily and tasting the juicy orange segments was quite tempting, so I stopped and bought 5 oranges from him.

Just as I put the oranges in my bag, he yelled his chant again, right in my face.

“5 oranges a pound”.

He was looking directly at me.

I’ve just bought from you!

‘Mate,’ I’m thinking, ‘I just bought your oranges’.

He carried on yelling ‘5 juicy oranges…’

I turn around thinking he must be addressing the people behind me.

Nope. No-one there.

Feeling disrespected

I’m thinking ‘Have you forgotten you just sold me 5 oranges?’ and feeling a little disrespected now.

OK so, this didn’t really happen, but this illustrates how your customers can feel when you don’t take them out of your campaigns after they’ve bought the thing you’re selling.

They feel like you forgot they just bought. Instead of feeling special and valued for buying your thing, they start to feel ignored, forgotten, disrespected, and confused.

It makes them question whether their purchase was successful since you keep reminding them to buy it.

That puts doubt in their mind and doesn’t leave them with a good feeling about you.

The simple way to make customers feel special

So, if you’re sending email promotional campaigns and someone buys, take them out of any further broadcasts selling your ‘thing’.

Most email marketing platforms can do this automatically using tags and excluding them from your campaign.

If you’re not sure how, then get in touch and I can show you how or do it for you in a done for you package.