Dropped like a hot brick

Apr 19, 2021Inspiring Stories

let it go

She was clearly REALLY upset.

Actually, she was fuming!


Because one of her subscribers had reported her for spam.

My buddy was dumbfounded because she doesn’t send spam.

Not only that, but the person who reported her for spam had signed up for every free thing she had offered.

So understandably she was angry that the person had the audacity to consume everything she offered for free and then report her for spam.

My buddy was having real trouble letting this go.

It’s a bit like a friend who only ever calls you when they have problems and you offer to listen and be a good friend and help as best you can.

You bend over backwards because you can and want to help them.

Then, when their drama is over, you don’t hear from them.

Dropped like a hot brick.

Until the next drama.

In the meantime, they’re enjoying their drama-free moment in life and don’t have the decency to let you know they’re ok or involve you while things are good for them.

They used you then dumped you when they had taken everything they could from you and drained your positive energy well.

My advice to my buddy was to let it go (is it just me who feels compelled to burst into the Frozen song with this phrase…?)

The nasty woman was obviously never going to be a customer and more to the point, doesn’t belong in her tribe (who wants users and abusers in their realm?).

She was only 1 measly person who didn’t know the correct use of, or difference between ‘report as spam’ and ‘unsubscribe’.

More importantly – my buddy should focus on the people who love her emails and stuff that she does.

And… thank God this woman took herself out of her list before becoming a nightmare paying customer.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash