Gamification Works!

Mar 24, 2021How-to, Inspiring Stories


My Facebook post about my Covid vaccination experience stirred a hornet’s nest.

You see after my injection, the nurse gave me a sticker.

“I’ve had my Covid vaccination” sticker.

There were two camps.

One half were indignant that they hadn’t received a sticker when they got their jabs.

The other half you got a sense of smugness that they did get one.

Who would have thought that grown-ups would value a simple sticker so much!

Sticker envy.

It got me thinking that it doesn’t take much to motivate when there’s a reward at the end.

Gamification – it works.

I was addicted to Candy Crush a while back because you just had to get to the end of the level and felt huge achievement for getting to the end.

And that achievement prompts you to carry on through to the next level because you were successful before.

You see your friends on higher levels and that prompts you on to catch up.

And so it goes on, and you realise it’s past midnight and I haven’t actually achieved anything useful!

But gamification can be put to gainful use.

Some online course platforms have rewards built in where delegates get awarded virtual stickers for completing each module.

The same reward/gamification can be used to get through boring or dreaded tasks.

Like writing blog posts or emails to your list, building or revamping your website or any other part of your online marketing.

Break it down to smaller sub-tasks and reward yourself at the end of each sub-task.

Or delegate it to someone like me ­čśť

BTW, if we’re not already friends on Facebook, then let’s connect there.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay