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Mar 16, 2021Website Tips


Constructive Feedback

Constructive feedback of your website can be a difficult thing to ask for from friends and family. They want to encourage you and just tell you what you want to hear. But that’s not necessarily going to increase the number of opens, clicks, sign-ups, and sales you get from your website.

This story illustrates how feedback can be helpful or unhelpful.

The Missing Ingredient

I was missing an ingredient for the risotto I was making, so I tried to improvise and use a different, but similar ingredient.

I am a bit of an experimenter when it comes to cooking.

Most times it works, but there are a few times it doesn’t.

On this particular occasion it didn’t work.

The alternative ingredient gave the risotto a different flavour, which I thought was ok.

But my husband said out loud he couldn’t eat it!

That kind of blunt feedback might not go down well in many households, but for me, I don’t take it personally or get upset.


Because it’s feedback.

If he had kept politely quiet, then I would probably have another go at making it and served it up again because I was under the misapprehension the the ingredient swap was an ok.

And he would be quietly hating it every time I served it up.

It’s a bit similar with your website.

You copy what others are doing on their websites without knowing what the exact quantities and combinations are.

You think it looks great and might ask your friends and family to have a look.

And because they’re friends who want to support you, they tell you what they think you want to hear – that it’s great/beautiful/amazing/well done etc.

Keeping quiet

If they don’t like it, then they’ll likely keep quiet.

As would potential customers.

Potential customers may arrive on your website but don’t sign up, enquire or buy.

Even though you know you have the best solution for them, you don’t know why they’re not signing up, enquiring or buying.

A bit like my husband. He loves risotto.

All the risotto ingredients where there, except there was one ingredient that totally changed the flavour and put him off.

If he kept quiet about not liking it, I would never know because it seemed ok to me.

And without any constructive feedback you don’t know what to alter on your website to make it better.

Constructive Feedback

That’s why when you work with me in either of my Done For You or Done With You programmes, you benefit from my years of experience and knowledge creating websites, lead magnets and email marketing.

You get my honest feedback and tweaks you can make to increase the number of opens, clicks, sign-ups, enquiries and sales you get from your online marketing.

How to get my constructive feedback on your website

You can get my constructive feedback on your website with a Web Tech Simplicity Plan. We get together over a brainstorm session so I can get clear on what exactly you want to deliver for your customers and then I audit your website and make suggestions that will better help you attract and sell more. You can either implement them yourself or get me to (at an additional cost).

Photo by Julien Pianetti on Unsplash