Groundwork setting up sales funnels

Mar 31, 2021Email Marketing Best Practice, Lead Generation


At the weekend I finally got out in the garden and started digging over the vegetable beds.

It’s back breaking and the worst thing about gardening in my opinion.

What keeps me focused is thinking about the reward of plucking courgettes and picking peas and tomatoes in September.

I can almost taste the freshness and flavour writing this.

It’s a bit like the groundwork that needs to be done when setting up sales funnels and lead magnets.

It can be time-consuming and tedious work especially when you can’t always see results immediately – like with my vegetables.

Setting up a sales funnel is much like growing vegetables.

First you prepare the ground so that when the seeds germinate all the nutrients are their ready for them.

Like when they land on your website, having enough information for them to have a look round and absorb your content.

Then the seedlings start taking shape and push through the soil. They’re delicate and easily broken by external conditions like slugs and bad weather, so you protect them with cloches and enviro-friendly slug traps.

Similar to them signing up to your lead magnet. The relationship is still very new so you don’t overwhelm them with ‘buy my stuff’ campaigns.

Next you water the seedlings, they get warmth and sunshine and grow bigger, stronger and set fruit.

A bit like your email nurture sequence that helps them get to know like and trust you.

And finally the veg and fruit are ready to pick and eat.

Equivalent to them receiving a great offer to work with you that it’s a no-brainer they jump at.

All the careful nurturing has got them predisposed to working with you so that when you speak to them, it’s not a hard sales conversation.

Setting up lead magnets and email nurture sequences is what I do.

Get in touch if you’d like my help getting your lead magnet and nurture sequence set up and/or improved.