Hootsuite free – the downgrade

Jun 15, 2021Social Media

Hootsuite Free has been downgraded. Their announcement says that from 5th April 2021, you can no longer post to 3 accounts (now only 2). And now you can only schedule up to 5 posts. This is a bold move and if you’re a Hootsuite user you might be looking for an alternative to Hootsuite. You’re in the right place as this article explores one such alternative.

Hootsuite Free Downgrade

Hootsuite free - the downgrade

A tonne of Hootsuite users must be disappointed with their announcement of the drastic change in their free plan as of 5th April 2021.

Hootsuite is a social posting tool.

You can plan and schedule posts across all your social channels which saves a huge amount of time having to log in and out of different social accounts.

It also means that if you outsource your social posting, there’s just one login you need to share for that person to access all your social accounts.

Hootsuite has been around for yonks now and this downgrade of features in their free account will be telling if their free users stick around.

Hootsuite’s Free Plan

Hootsuite’s free plan now only allows you to connect only 2 accounts (down from 3) and schedule up to just 5 posts at a time (down from 30).

That’s a big downgrade, right?

The bold move is to get you to upgrade to their professional plan which is £39 per month.

For some users that price jump may be too much.

Alternative to Hootsuite

So is there an alternative to Hootsuite?

Actually, there is.

Constant Contact include a Social Tool that allows you to connect all your accounts (Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) AND schedule unlimited posts.

Not only that you can preview and edit posts and images to suit each platform’s requirements.

There’s a content calendar so you can visually see what emails and posts are scheduled in one place.

And it tracks engagement and replies in one place.

Constant Contact’s Social Tool Price

What’s better, the Social Tool is included in all the plans starting with the Web Builder Plan which is just £10/m +VAT.

If you go for the Email Plus package at £30/m +VAT it’s still better value than Hootsuite as with Constant Contact you also get email, autoresponders, landing pages, events, surveys, RSVPs, polls, coupons and dynamic content in your email campaigns.


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Hootsuite have made a bold move to reduce the features of their free plan and it will be interesting to see how faithful its free users are, especially when there are lower cost alternatives, like Constant Contact available.

Photo by Dirk van Wolferen on Unsplash