How to create a lead magnet that generates leads

May 4, 2021Email Marketing Best Practice, Lead Generation, Website Tips

A lead magnet that generates leads

A lead magnet should generate leads, and in a recent conversation with a therapist, this doesn’t always happen. If your lead magnet isn’t generating any leads, then here are my 5 steps that you can check and see which vital element you’re missing.

how to create a lead magnet that generates leads

‘My Lead Magnet doesn’t generate leads’

I was having a 121 with a therapist at an online network meeting and she told me proudly that she had a lead magnet.

She showed me it.

It was a little booklet that she handed out at in person networking meetings and events she spoke at.

It was available to download on her website.

Along with a few free audio recordings too.

I asked her how it was working for her business.

She confided in me that she had loads of people take the booklets and download it from her website but very few people followed up and booked a session with her.

Intrigued, I enquired deeper.

What follow up nurture emails did she have in place?

Well, it turned out that she wasn’t collecting emails.

The downloads were just there on her website to download for free but since she wasn’t getting people to give their email in exchange for her PDF she had no idea who was downloading them and therefore had no means to follow up with a nurture sequence.

How to get a lead magnet to generate leads

It’s not enough to have a free useful download for potential customers to download.

There’s a whole set of mechanisms you need in place to make a lead magnet work at generating leads.

The 5 steps to creating a lead magnet that generates leads

1. Sign up box

Instead of allowing people to download your lead magnet freely, you precede this with a sign-up box.

2. Compelling Reason to sign up

You also need some compelling words why people should let you have their precious email address for your free thing. Pretty much all email marketing platforms provide the code to drop in your website so it’s no longer a tricky thing to do.

3. Set Expectations

You also must let them know what to expect next and you can do that both on the sign-up page and welcome email.

4. Deliver great content

As well as delivering the lead magnet, continue delivering more valuable content through your email follow up sequence so that they get to know, like and trust you to take the next step.

5. Continue nurturing

As you continue to nurture the relationship with regular, useful, informative, educational emails, when the time is right (they’re so fed up with the problem they have that you solve), and receive the right message from you, they’re ready to go ahead and become a paying client.

Next Step

In my Supercharged Website Mastermind I’ve created modules on how to create a lead magnet, sign up form and email nurture sequence, with templates that you can drop your own content in.

More details here.

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