How to create an opt-out from your Mother’s Day Campaigns without unsubscribing

Jul 28, 2021Email Marketing Best Practice

How to create an opt-out from your Mother's Day Campaigns without unsubscribing

Sometimes you want to offer an option in your email so that subscribers can opt to NOT receive a particular themed email campaign (like Mother’s Day) but remain on your list for your normal emails. Here’s how.

Some themed campaigns might be sensitive to some of your subscribers, like Mother’s Day.

So how nice is it to offer them an opt out in your email warning them that you’re about to do a promotional campaign related to a potentially sensitive theme.

They then don’t receive potentially upsetting emails but remain on your list for your normal emails.

In this short video I’m going to show you how to easily create an opt-out for your subscribers, so that they remain on your list but just don’t receive emails of a particular theme or offer (like Mother’s Day)

We first create a landing page that they click through to from the opt-out link

Then we’ll set up the email campaign with the opt out link.

Then create a list segmentation that excludes people who’ve opted out that you send your following email campaigns about that offer (in this example Mothers Day) without upsetting the people who’ve opted out.

When you do this, it shows your subscribers that you care about them and strengthens your relationship with them.

So there you have how to easily set up an opt-out option from a particular promotional campaign without your subscribers having to unsubscribe.

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Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash