How to do a re-engagement campaign

May 12, 2021Email Marketing Best Practice, How-to, Lead Generation

Here’s an elegant way to reconnect with your email list if it’s been a while since you last emailed. This will avoid dreaded spam reports and potentially getting shut down as well as gets rid of dead emails and people no longer engaging with your emails which means your open rates will improve.

How to do a re-engagement campaign

I’ve just dropped in a bonus training for my Supercharged Website Masterminders.

It’s about how to clean up and re-connect with your email list if you’ve been quiet and not emailed for a while.

When it’s been a while since you’ve emailed, it can take them by surprise and if a significant time has passed, they may have forgotten who you are and how they came to be on your list and at worst report your email for spam.

Spam reports are bad for you because if you get more than 0.1% spam reports then your email marketing provider could shut you down.

But even no-opens are bad for your reputation.

The email providers like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail/Microsoft, Apple have the capability of filtering your emails and if you don’t open emails from a particular sender, it knows!

They use AI to filter those emails into spam or promotion folders, so you end up never seeing it.

And worse for the sender (you), it thinks that your emails aren’t worth opening, and that damages your sender reputation and you’ll notice lower open rates.

Therefore, if you haven’t been emailing for a while, just bombarding them with a whole bunch of emails saying ‘buy my stuff’ could leave you in trouble.

So, cleaning up your list every so often and removing non-openers is a good practice to get into and I do this with a re-engagement campaign.

You can see an extract of the training here.

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Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash