How to keep up with online marketing when you’re busy with work

Jun 2, 2021Content Creation

Online marketing is essential these days to make sure you attract a steady stream of clients. But if the business is just you, it’s easy to let blogging, emailing and social posting slip while you get on with lucrative client work. This article is about the importance of keeping up your online marketing even when you’re busy with client work.

How to keep up with online marketing when you’re busy with work


That’s when the bosses of my daughter’s company want their staff to return to the office.

Like many corporate employees, my daughter and all her colleagues have been working from home during the past year since lockdown in March 2020.

And they’ve been able to work super efficiently despite a round of redundancies.

Working from home has been a longed-for flexible option wished for by many employees and larger corporates have on the whole been reluctant to agree to this.

They like to see their staff in the office so they can keep an eye on what they’re doing and make sure they are doing work.

When staff work from home, bosses don’t have the reassurance and visible evidence of them beavering away at their desk and (wrongly?) assume their staff aren’t working so hard, even if they are.

It’s a bit like being visible with your marketing.

If you’re not being seen to be working then no-one knows you’re working or doing great work!

Which is why it’s important to continue being visible with your online marketing even if you are busy with work.

If you’re not emailing, blogging or posting on your social media channels, then who knows you’re in business, let alone doing great work?

If your dream clients don’t know you’re available to help them solve their problems, annoyingly for you, they’ll go to your competitors without even considering you.

Creating content for marketing can be time-consuming and when you’re busy with paid work it’s easy to let it drop but that’s a mistake.

So how can content creation and publishing be done in a less time-consuming way?

That’s why I created the Content Engine Framework, so that my clients (and me!) had a system in place that makes sure you’re visible even when you’re busy with client work, so that you’ll always have a continuous stream of clients wanting to work with you.

There’s no doubt that keeping up your online marketing activities like blogging, emailing and social media are key to attracting a steady stream of dream clients.

And it’s important to be consistent, even if you’re busy with paid clients, to keep that stream of enquiries steady.

You can learn about my refreshing approach to content creating in my Content Engine Framework Masterclass HERE.

Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash