How to make blog writing easier

Dec 16, 2021Content Creation

Whether it’s for a newsletter, blog or social media, blog writing is important for authority from both an SEO and audience stance. But what if writing blogs and newsletters is taking ages?

Content is king and getting into the habit of writing for your business will reap rewards.

Does blog writing and newsletter writing get any easier and/or quicker the more you do it?

This is what my client asked me.

I had set up a lead magnet and created a follow up email nurture sequence and now all she had to do was keep them engaged with regular useful content by email so her new sign ups continue to get value and nurtured to buying from her.

But thinking up ideas to write about and then writing about them was taking a looooong time and she was wondering if it ever got easier.

I can totally empathise with this.

It used to take me nearly a day to compose a blog post.

Now it takes less than an hour, to write it, edit it and chop it up for social, newsletter as well as a blog post.

Want to know the secret?

It’s my Content Engine Framework.

It’s the framework I devised after working with a client when we needed to increase his online presence.

The framework took advantage of all the skills of individuals in his team, which meant they did ‘their bit’ super quick because they were so good at it.

When I discovered why it worked so well, I adapted it so that even if you have no team to delegate to, you can still write blogs and content super quick.

Get my Content Engine Framework here, so that you too can be producing great content and blog writing without spending all day on it.