How to schedule and manage social media

Sep 10, 2021Social Media

If you’re thinking about using a new social media posting and management tool, this video shows you how to use Constant Contact for this purpose.

Unfortunately this can only be used on the desktop version of Constant Contact – I’ve tried on a mobile and it’s much too difficult and can waste a lot of time.

If you haven’t got time to watch the video, here is a quick guide on managing social media using Constant Contact.

First, you can connect Facebook (pages not personal profile), Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Within the Social section of Constant Contact you have 4 tabs:

Inbox – where you can see all interactions and responses to your posts of all channels you’ve connected.

Posts – where you can see all the posts created (through Constant Contact)

Analytics – where you can see stats like reach, audience and audience growth across all channels and split down to each channel.

Accounts – is where you can see what social accounts you have connected and add (or remove them).

If you have multiple accounts (eg if you’re a virtual assistant managing several client accounts), you can add them all through your own account.

To create a new post

CREATE (blue button top right)

SOCIAL POST (you also have the choice of creating an ad campaign – although I’ve not tried that out so can’t verify whether it’s a good way to manage an ad campaign).

In the next screen:

Select the social profile(s) you wish to post to.

Paste (or write) the content of the post into the next box.

You’ll notice a character count on top right.

If you have too many characters you’ll see a red negative number.

Add an image. 

You can either upload your own image or choose from the stock image gallery.

When selected, choose UPLOAD, then DONE.

Check the preview on the right screen.

If you want to create a variation unique for each platform (for example you need to reduce characters), then: 

CREATE VARIATIONS (button above post input box on left)

Then edit each version as you wish.

Next you’re ready to post.

Either post now, or schedule later.

To schedule for later, toggle the SCHEDULE FOR LATER at the top middle of the screen and choose a date and time.

Note that all variations will be posted at the same time.

Go ahead and schedule a week, month or more worth of posts.

To check what’s been scheduled you can check in a neat calendar view.

CAMPAIGNS (on main menu)


And you’ll be able to see everything you’ve got scheduled including email campaigns if you’ve got them set up too.


Now you’ve seen how easy it is and how much time you can save from having to log in to each social account and posting, would you like to give it a go for free?

You can get a 60 day free trial with my special partner link here.

Constant Contact plans start at just ┬ú10/m (+VAT) and the good news is that the Social tool I’ve demo’d here is included in all plans.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash