I nearly lost everything

Mar 17, 2021How-to

get organised

Last year, during the pandemic there was a very real chance that I was sinking.

My dad collapsed and was taken into hospital.

There was so much to suddenly sort out – liaise with doctors (who were on their own schedules) and social services about his palliative care, deal with my dad who was in denial that he was sick, support my mum as well as keep my commitments to my clients.

Then after he died a couple of months later, there was even more stuff to sort out. None of us had expected him to die, not even my dad, which is probably why he left no instructions or a Will.

All this, while keeping my business ticking over making sure I served my clients and met the deadlines I had promised.

I had to get really organised with my time and prioritise, to make sure I didn’t get side-tracked with unplanned/less important tasks that landed my way and focus on what was important and urgent as well as not let other tasks be forgotten, be present, allow myself to grieve and be the rock mum needed.

I literally followed the process in this article.


Crafting my perfect daily schedule is what saved me.

Photo by Paico Oficial on Unsplash