Is SEO Worth The Investment

Jul 30, 2021Website Tips

Is SEO Worth the Investment

Getting visitors to your website is essential. Turning those visitors into prospective customers is crucial for your business. SEO might be part of your marketing strategy, and here’s how you can make sure your SEO investment is worth it.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Google and other search engines have complex algorithms that index website pages so that when someone searches, it can return the most relevant pages in a search result.

The aim of SEO is to appear in the search results for the keywords and phrases relevant to your businesses.

There’s lots of techniques that I’m not covering in this article to get ranked highly for your desired keywords, however, what happens after someone has clicked through to your website following a search is often neglected.

It’s not enough to just get traffic.

It’s about turning that traffic into bookings and sales.

I feel sorry for businesses I see spending huge amounts on Google Ads and SEO to get traffic and then receive nothing in return.

No matter how much you’ve spent on SEO or ads, there is no guarantee that a visitor will contact you, buy from your site or even stay long enough to look around.

Getting visitors to visit your site is great.

It’s the first step of their journey to becoming your customer.

There’s more…

How long users stay on your website also impacts your ranking scores which in turn impacts your ad costs.

If people don’t click on your listing in a search result or they do, but then click the back button soon after visiting, then Google thinks your site isn’t relevant and your ranking drops.

That makes your ads cost more too.

Getting visitors to you site is essential… turning those visitors into prospective customers is crucial for your business. So how can that be achieved?

After a visitor arrives at your website the end step in their journey is to have them make a booking or buy from you.

The role of the website is to facilitate the in between steps of that journey.

Having someone like me design the journey will take away a lot of guess work because I’m doing this all the time and can see where the hiccups are, the breaks in journey, where they might get confused, fall off and hit the back button.

When there’s a clear compelling path for your visitors to follow, then they’ll stay on your site longer, which tells Google it’s a good website and they will send more traffic to it.

If the path is muddy or blurs so much you can’t tell the path from the verge and woods, then visitors hit the back button and that tells Google it’s a bad website and to send less traffic to it by dropping its ranking.

Here’s 7 web tips to make sure you get better results from your investment in SEO work.

1. Make sure your primary heading is crystal clear about who you help and what you help with.

2. Don’t use jargon or cryptic language.

3. Limit the choice in your menu options.

4. Offer a sign-up to some valuable content that will provide a solution to a problem you solve.

5. Include an easy to complete Contact Us or Enquiry form.

6. Make sure your contact means (e.g. contact form, phone number and/or email) are easy to see… don’t hide them away.

7. Have a clear call to action of what you want the visitor to do next.

There you go.

Implement these tips to make sure your site is doing its best to turn visitors into prospective customers so you can make sure your SEO investment is worth it.

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