Jobs or money, which sounds better?

Feb 19, 2021Inspiring Stories

We never got pocket money as kids.

All of our friends got weekly pocket money, but not us.

Dad’s view was that in the real world there were no hand-outs and you had to earn money.

My dad made us earn our pocket money by doing chores around the house.

I remember feeling this was quite unfair and a bit of a raw deal compared to our school friends.

I found this ‘job card’ among dad’s old papers. It lists jobs we could do to earn pocket money.

Do you notice that different handwriting under the title ‘JOBS JOBS JOBS’?

That’s my dad’s handwriting.

He reframed ‘jobs’ to ‘£money’.

Clever that. Flipping ‘jobs’ which sounds tiresome and heavy, to £money – an exciting opportunity to earn money.

This was one of the ways he instilled in us a good work ethic.

He taught us kids that there’s money to be made in the jobs people don’t like doing (chores) or couldn’t do themselves (because they required skills they didn’t have – what his business did).

And that people will exchange money for something that they perceive is of value.

That value could be saving money, or what he prized …. saving time and making more money.

Us doing these mundane household chores freed mum’s time up so she could do more work for my dad’s business like typing up invoices for the contracts he was winning (doing skilled engineering stuff his clients couldn’t do) which meant he earned more money and the whole family benefitted.

So whilst we may have grumbled in the beginning of this regime of having to work to earn pocket money, my siblings and I quickly realised we were able to earn a lot more money than our contemporaries got in pocket money.

This turned out to be the first business lesson my dad taught us – difference between having a job and running your own business.

I’ve done both.

I’ve had a job. Like pocket money, the wages were limited. No matter how hard I worked or the difference I made to the company, I was paid the same steady, if mediocre, wage each month.

I much prefer what I have now, being in my own business means I get to chose who I work with, sharing my talents and gifts and be paid my worth.