Manual vs Automatic

Feb 7, 2021Website Tips

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How many times did it take you?

It took me 3 times.

My youngest daughter did it in 2.

My husband got it first time.

So did his two daughters.

My eldest took 5 attempts to pass her driving test in a manual car.

It puzzles me now why everyone tells you to learn to drive a manual car.

There’s so many more things for your brain to handle and co-ordinate while it’s all new and you’re learning:-

– road sense
– mirror, signal, manoeuvre
– speed of your vehicle and others
– pedestrians
– lights and wipers
– keeping distance

In a manual car your brain also has to learn how to co-ordinate your feet and hands so that you declutch and change gears at the correct time, as well as doing it quickly and smoothly so you don’t lose momentum and all this without looking at your hands and feet!,

It’s a lot to take on board in one go.

Some people get it very quickly.

Like my husband, his daughters and my youngest.

For my eldest and me, it took a few attempts.

And now?

We both drive automatic cars anyway, because it’s so much easier and less for the brain to think about.

So why bother with manual especially when we found it tricky?

If we had learnt to drive in automatics, we would most likely have passed first time because then our brains could focus on actual driving – not the mechanics of changing gears.

Now, we just get in the car and focus on where to go without worrying about messing with gears.

It’s a bit like learning to build websites.

Everyone tells you to get your site built on WordPress.

But WordPress has become so tricky now.

You have to find and install suitable theme and plugins (tech) that work nicely together.

Then you have to tweak and customise it before you even think about content.

You’re responsible for security and making sure all the tech is updated.

And if something goes wrong months later, there’s no one body responsible (unless you’ve got a development team at your disposal) to call upon to fix issues.

It shouldn’t be so complicated!

In fact, it doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

That’s why I’m loving that Constant Contact have created a web builder.

You can create a professional looking website with no technical or web building knowledge within a few hours.

And if something isn’t right or not working properly, then you have 24/7 support from Constant Contact.

At £10 (+VAT) a month for the web builder, it’s a no-brainer.

It’s the tool I use as the web building platform in my Super Easy Website programme.

And my delegates have created websites really easily and quickly.

Just like driving an automatic, they haven’t had to learn any coding or deal with any tricky compatibility issues.

They don’t need to.

They can just focus on creating their message and let the tech sort itself out.

Simple and easy.

Find out more and get the programme here.

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash