Marketing with Integrity and Trusting Instincts

May 10, 2021Email Marketing Best Practice, Social Media

I always expect others to act with the same honesty and integrity that I do, but when something doesn’t sit right, I’m compelled to investigate further.

Evicted from Kartra for having Tourettes

Marketing with Integrity and Trusting Instincts

That was the explanation offered by a chap who connected with me on LinkedIn.

I do accept connections from people I don’t know if their profile looks interesting and/or they precede it with a message asking for the connection.

After accepting his connection request, his first message was to pitch me his digital marketing course (erm – did he even check my profile out first?).

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like it when the next message is a pitch for their product or services.

Marriage Proposal on First Date

That’s like a marriage proposal on a first date.

Way too soon. But this was the approach this LinkedIn chap took.

And since I always like to see how other people are doing their marketing (even badly so I can write about how not to do it 😉) and since this was marketing-related I checked him out and noticed that his website was just a blank screen.

I replied, asking him if he knew his website wasn’t working (and offered to fix it 😜)

Appealing to my Sympathy

2 months later he replied yes please and then he went into a long explanation.

His site was built on Kartra but they had evicted him in December.

They evicted him because of his Tourettes which means he swears a lot.

Despite declaring this and being open and upfront to Kartra they shut him down and banned him.

He was taking them to court in California, US where they are based.

Interesting revelation on a first date, huh?

In that one paragraph (only second communication with me), he’s told me he has a disability, he swears a lot, Kartra shut him down and now he’s planning on taking them to court.

His response also told me:

– he uses his disability to gain compassion

– he’s not very reliable (2 months to respond)

– he’s vindictive (willing to take companies to court)

Trusting instincts

Something didn’t sit right with me and I’m learning to trust my instinct.

I did some further digging.

His course was teaching people to do digital marketing with video.

I found some of his videos on YouTube.

The videos were of him pitching his services.

And none had any Tourettes-like behaviour that he claimed to have!

He lied.

And if he lied about having Tourettes, what else has he lied about?

He probably got shut down by Kartra for breaking their rules.

Marketing with Integrity

Honesty and integrity are my key values.

Whatever you sell online, you do so with integrity and honesty.

All your marketing messages and online presence must be congruent with what you say.

Just because it’s online, doesn’t mean you can be dishonest.

And if you’re on the other side – trust your instincts.

I’m trusting mine on this 😅.

What Next

I work with entrepreneurs who are authentic and practice what they teach. If you’d like my help to market your stuff with integrity, then let’s talk. Set up an ‘are we right for each other’ call.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash