My daily email experiment

Aug 3, 2021Email Marketing Best Practice

My daily email experiment

Earlier this year, I decided to step my email to daily in an experiment to prove (or disprove) whether daily emails work. In the past I’ve done monthly and weekly and something in between. Here’s what happened when I did my daily email experiment.

Since February, I stepped up my emails to daily (Monday to Friday).

In the past I’ve done monthly and weekly and something in between.

I joined Rob and Kennedy’s League of Email Marketing Heroes and they advocate sending daily emails.

I’ve always had a good open rates so it was interesting to see what would happen.

I was a little nervous as I feared that daily was too frequent and everyone would be annoyed at me.

The Theory

The theory I wanted to test is that not everyone opens every email you send, so the more you send there’ll be more chance of them opening something.

If you email monthly, you only have 12 opportunities in the whole year to touch base with your subscribers to get them to know, like and trust you.

Which means when you pitch an offer, it’s less likely to make an impact.

If you email weekly that increases to 52 touches.

That’s an improvement and far more effective than monthly.

But what about daily?

Daily (Monday to Friday), opportunities to touch increases to 260.

And 7 days a week is 364.

How did this work for me?

When I used to email weekly, my open rates were around 25-30%.

This is considered a very good rate – industry standards are around 10-15%.

The other consideration is that during 2020 my emailing frequency was even less than monthly as personal issues took over.

So I was expecting a high unsubscribe rate and perhaps a few spam reports since they weren’t used to hearing from me with any regularity.

They maybe had forgotten who I was and what they signed up for.

Also, it’s worth knowing that every campaign I’ve ever sent out has resulted in 1 or 2 unsubscribes.

That’s normal and expected natural drop off.

When I started emailing daily (since February), I noticed an overall drop in individual open rates to around 15-20% per email.

By industry standards it’s still not bad.

However, I suspected the 15-20% who were opening were different segments of people opening each email.

So I looked at the total number of people who opened an email from me over the month.

That was a much nicer looking 53%.

A big improvement on even my best open rate of 30% when I did weekly.

Will I continue with daily emails?

I’ve seen a big increase in my open rate, I’m getting nice replies from people enjoying my emails (thank you!), I’ve also seen an increase in sales conversations booked too, even though each email’s purpose has not just been solely to sell my stuff.

My unsubscribe rate has remained the same, and most importantly I haven’t had a single spam report {phew}.

However, it takes a lot of energy to ‘be out there’ initiating all the time.

Extroverts thrive on the exposure. Initiating comes naturally to them.

I tend to be introvert, so whilst I can be extroverted/initiating for a limited period, I can’t sustain the energy required to initiate and be exposed all the time without crumbling into an exhausted heap.

So I’ve reverted back to weekly emails just to manage my energy levels for now. I may decide to switch to daily from time to time in the future, if it pleases me to do so, because I know it works.

Photo by Stephen Phillips – on Unsplash