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Mar 15, 2021Website Tips

neglected house

The house next door to my mother’s is being sold and we complete this Thursday.

My mum and I went through each room to reminisce, thank and say goodbye.

It was bought in the summer of the year I went from school to sixth form and I moved into the rear bedroom.

Up to then I had been sharing a bedroom with my sister, so I remember feeling very grown up and excited to have a room of my own.

The other upstairs rooms became offices for my dad’s business.

When I moved out, my old bedroom became a third office.

The downstairs rooms were knocked into one huge room and kitted out to be a ballroom dance practice studio for mum and dad who used to compete in competitions every weekend.

In later years it also served as a workshop for my dad’s inventions.

So many good memories.

But the last 10 years has seen it falling into disrepair and become neglected as dad became less able to look after it.

Window panes have been dropping out of the French doors as the wooden frames rotted that you dare not touch the doors for fear of the whole thing collapsing!

Since dad died last summer, it was time for it to be cleared out, sold and allow another family to give it a refresh and make new memories.

It’s a bit like websites.

Over time they become neglected.

The content becomes out of date, the layout looks dated, and plugins and theme updates ignored for so long that you dare not touch them for fear of the whole site breaking down.

It no longer serves its purpose of attracting new clients and like my dad’s house, is an embarrassment because it’s so neglected and out of date.

If this sounds like your website, then get in touch.

Let me help you breath fresh life into your website so that it attracts and converts your dream clients.

Photo by Peter Herrmann on Unsplashnsplash