Offering a seamless customer journey

Mar 22, 2021Website Tips

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I was one of the 844,285 people who had a Covid vaccination over this weekend.

I was a little nervous.

But I needn’t have worried.
The whole process was very slick, organised and I was left in no doubt what the next steps were.

I parked up in the carpark and followed conspicuous signs to the building where the vaccinations were taking place.

2m distanced spots on the ground indicated where I must wait and we all formed an orderly queue.

The first volunteer at the door gave me a surgical mask to wear and made me sanitize my hands.

We were let in one by one as one of the 3 stations on the first part of our journey freed up.

After giving my name and booking reference number, I was directed to another room where they would take more details.

Along the way I was met by another volunteer confirming I was going in the right direction (and to use hand sanitizer again).

At station number 2, I was asked more details about my health and ethnicity.

I was told what to expect next.

After giving my consent, I was directed to another room – the third station.

Again, at corners and possible doorways where I might go wrong I was met by friendly volunteers steering me in the right direction (and use hand sanitizer again).

The third and final ‘station’ was the room divided up into cubicles where a nurse administered the vaccination.

The nurse gave me more assurance about what side-effects to expect over the next few days and instructions if I did.

The nurse then rewarded me with a certificate and sticker.

Who doesn’t love a sticker?

The whole process was very guided and all the time I felt safe.

Just like a potential customer should feel as they move through your website on their journey to becoming your customer.

Messaging along the way assure them they’re in the right place and prompts to take the next step (like sign up to a lead magnet or schedule a call form).

Getting appropriate information from them depending on how far along the journey they are with follow up nurture emails.

And then rewarding them at the end with the solution they came to you for.

Slick, seamless, controlled and safe.

That’s how a potential customer should feel as they make their journey to becoming your customer and raving fan.

Now where shall I stick the sticker?

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash