Claire Linturn | Programme Launch

How I helped Claire Linturn launch her online programme, setting up the tech with her Thinkific and Constant Contact accounts, sales copy and promotional materials.

Claire Linturn’s Online Programme Launch

Claire Linturn Programme Launch1Claire Linturn is a holistic therapy coach who specialises in working with parents and troubled teens. She’s developed a tool called the Shining Diamond of Potential which helps therapists instantly connect with children and young adults, which means they get results quicker.


Claire had qualified the viability of her programme with a soft launch and more than a couple of sales before we worked together.

So when we started work together she already had some great feedback for her programme and was confident that this programme was a goer.

However, she was struggling to know how to get more sales.

Time to invest

When you’ve already got customers willing to buy your programme then that’s a good signal to invest in someone like me to optimise and fine-tune sales pages and promotional copy.


Claire’s programme was hosted in her Thinkific account. Thinkific is an online platform for creating, hosting and managing online courses.

It manages payments and course delivery as well as has features like forums where participants can ask questions outside the live classes. This is a great alternative to having a private Facebook group, since many of her potential clients either didn’t have Facebook accounts or they didn’t like using Facebook.


We had a brainstorm session together where we mapped out and refined the offering for the sales page. We got clear on who the programme was for and what outcome they would get. When you’re clear on this, it makes it much easier to create compelling copy that speaks to their needs and desires which means potential dream clients can’t help but buy.

User flow

Most of the course content was already created, so I just checked all the settings and the flow of the content made sense and there were no holes from what was promised.

I linked up Thinkific with Claire’s Constant Contact account so that she could send emails to her course participants.

Sales Copy

I created the sales copy and set up the sales page.

Claire LInturn online course launch 2

Promotion Campaign

With the payment gateway set up and the sales page ready, it was now time to create the promotional social media posts and emails for her three social platforms.


The campaign was a success and resulted in 11 sales for this first launch.

With the tech and automation flows of her course is now set up and a proven set of promotional material that converts, she is set up to promote the course again and again.

Here’s what Claire Linturn said about working with me.

Before working with Vee, I really had no idea how to put my work out to a bigger audience.

I was just winging it, with what I knew about social media and just inviting people, that I thought that might be interested.

So, I was quite stuck, and I wasn’t really getting much impact.

Working with Vee has had a massive impact in my business.

I’ve now got amazing templates that I can utilize over and over again.

I’ve been able to actually put my program out into the world in a way that is starting to make an impact.

And as I keep launching the same program, I can re-use the what we created and I’m finding it really easy rather which is saving me so much time.

Although at the beginning there was a lot of work that had to go into it, it’s 100% absolutely worth it in the long-term because now I have this amazing tool that I can keep accessing and utilizing every time I create something new.

So having this framework is absolutely a lifesaver and amazing.

It’s encouraging me to create more materials and more programs which I’m really excited about that.

What I loved about working with Vee was her guiding me step-by-step process, in a way that really drew out the essence of me and what I wanted to deliver, because I was kind of a little bit all over the place.

That process helped me to really align and tune into what it was that I wanted to share and in the language that I wanted to share it.

Vee drew that out from me with her different types of questions.

Vee led me the whole way in a really positive way, and I’ve really enjoyed the experience as well.

Any questions I had, Vee was able to answer them really quickly and easily.

My advice to anyone thinking of working with Vee is know you’ll be guided and led really, really brilliantly through the whole process step-by-step and in very gentle way, in a way that really pushes you a little bit out of your boundary in a way that draws out the most incredible information.

Claire Linturn

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