Eveline Rodenburg – Website Revamp for Digestive Expert

How I Revamp a website

Here’s how I created a revamped website for nutritional expert Eveline Rodenburg. Eveline had a website already that she had created herself more than 5 years ago, when her business was new. Her business had since grown, and the website was looking dated. It was not doing a good job of attracting or converting prospects.

revamped website for Eveline Rodenburg

How I worked with Eveline

Here’s how we worked together to create her new revamped website. It’s now modern looking and far clearer and attractive to her dream clients.

The Brainstorm

We started off with a brainstorm session and by the end we were clear who her dream clients were.

We knew that 99% of the population could be helped by Eveline with her functional nutritional services. However, not everyone is looking for a nutritional solution or even wants to take responsibility for their own health.

Some people have the mindset to only listen to their GP or ignore their symptoms and do nothing.

They are not Eveline’s dream clients and that’s ok.

We don’t need to appeal to everybody – that’s the point of niching.

The key was to appeal to the people who are looking for an alternative solution to relieve their symptoms.

We also had to be mindful of not making claims by using language like ‘cure’ or ‘treat’. These are unsubstantiated as far as the authorities in the alternative health field are concerned. Using language that suggests cure or treatment could result in her business being shut down.

Keyword Research

Eveline helps with several different ailments, from diabetes, fatigue, to bloating and gas.

From an SEO standpoint, it’s not good practice to try and optimise your homepage for several keywords.

Keyword research revealed the best keyword to optimise for was ‘bloating and stomach pain’. It had a good search volume and low competition. So I made sure this term was optimised for the home page.

All the other ailments that Eveline deals with can be covered in future blog posts.

The Copy

We got clear on who Eveline’s ideal clients were and their problems. We brainstormed how they describe their problems. Next was to present a compelling future without their ailments.

We then introduced Eveline as the guide who can help them.

We created a three-step plan to help potential dream clients know how easy it was to work with her. That was then followed with a call to action – which was to book an exploratory call with her.

Too close

Sometimes we can be too close to our own work and think it’s obvious how we work, but it’s not so obvious to a potential client.

The clearer we can make the steps to working with you the better a potential client can see themselves being clients.

Eveline also rewrote her about page, so that it was more client focussed on how she helped people and how her experience and journey led to being able to help her clients.

Work with me page

Eveline has 3 main packages – a group programme, a 121 initial review and plan and then a 121 follow up programme so that they get Eveline’s personal support to implement the changes revealed in the plan.

I reframed the bullets of each programme, so they were more benefit driven and added CTA buttons for the next step (either buy the group programme or schedule an exploratory call).

The Website Build

Next, I built the website. Her site was already built in WordPress and since she was already familiar with it, and had several blog posts there, it made sense to build the new site there.

So that there was minimal downtime, I built her new site on a developmental site on my own server using WordPress and the Divi theme.

Divi* is my preferred theme, which is really flexible and gives you the ability to edit on the front end so you can see exactly how it looks, so it’s great for clients to do their own tweaks.

When the structure and design was completed, Eveline was able to give me feedback.

The Revamped Website

The very first screen of the homepage is the most important. It’s what people see first and they decide within a couple of seconds whether to carry on looking through the site.

So, I reduced the number of menu options to only those essential to helping them make the decision to work with Eveline – Home, Work with me, Contact.

Giving someone too many options can leave them in overwhelm. A person in overwhelm doesn’t decide. They do nothing. We don’t want them to do nothing.

However, we don’t want to lose all the menu options. So I moved the full navigation menu to the footer.

The Hero Section

The first screen (called the hero section) primary message had to tell visitors clearly and succinctly what they can get help with. We also wanted to include the primary keyword/ailment, namely ‘Bloating and Stomach Pain’, so the headline is:

‘Nutritional Solutions for Bloating and Stomach Pain’

The subtitle expands a little more on the results and modality.

 ‘Restore your health, sleep, energy, wellbeing, and life with Down to Earth Functional Nutrition’.

We included a picture of a happy client.

Ok, so it’s a stock photo, but we wanted it to depict a person in the right demographic (women aged 40+) who’s happy because they’ve benefited from working with Eveline.

We have a 40+ lady looking out from the page (eyes looking straight at you help connect with the visitor) holding up a glass that suggests a healthy smoothie. There are also some healthy snacks in front of her.

This helps a visitor identify immediately that this is someone like them in a place they’d like to be (happy and healthy looking).

I see lots of coaches and therapists’ websites with pictures of themselves in the hero section.

This is fine if you’re already have celebrity status within your field and people are searching for you by name.

Hero image not of you

However, when you’re not yet at the celebrity status, and people don’t know you yet, having a picture of you in the hero section doesn’t help them get to know you.

The first thing they want to know when they arrive at your site is ‘do they help people like me’.

We also want to give them hope that there is a happy resolution to their problem.

We could have had a picture of someone bent over in pain. That would resonate with someone with stomach pain, but wouldn’t give them confidence that this site has a resolution to their problem.

The homepage journey

The rest of the home page takes them through a journey so that they first can identify with the problem, then have hope there is a solution, introduce Eveline as the person who can guide them and give them clarity on their next steps.

To the visitor this is the sequence going through their mind.

  1. Yes, I have that problem
  2. It doesn’t have to be that way
  3. There is a solution
  4. Eveline could help me navigate the solution to my problem
  5. How do I work with her
  6. What do I do next
  7. I’m not quite ready to make a call, but let me get this free guide and get on her email list

I’ve structure the home page to guide them through and answer the questions they’re thinking, as they’re thinking them.

It’s been so fast, not even a month at this point! I think we work well together 🙂

Eveline Rodenburg

Blog Template

Eveline has already built up an impressive number of blog posts, so we needed an easy way to format the blogs so they too looked part of the new design.

Within Divi it’s possible to create different templates for different purposes and page types. So, I created a blog template that would display her posts in a nice format without getting muddled up with any page building tools. She can carry on creating blog posts using the default WordPress editor.

Landing Pages

Eveline was using Leadpages for some of her lead magnets.

Divi has the ability to create landing pages that don’t have headers/menus and footers, so I recreated all of her lead magnet landing pages that she had built in Leadpages within her new revamped website, which meant she could save on her subscription to Leadpages.

As part of the web build, we also created a new lead magnet that focused on the keyword phrase that we identified as being good to rank for.

‘Bloating and Stomach Pain – 5 foods to avoid and what to eat instead so you can calm your stomach without going hungry or feeling deprived.’

We beautified it and created a separate landing page for it as well as having it on the bottom of the home page.

This way she can collect leads and follow up with an email nurture sequence.

The site is now live and launched.

Take a look : www.evelinerodenburg.co.uk

Revamped website

So there you go, my process for creating a new revamped website for digestive expert, Eveline Rodenburg. If you want to your website revamped, then set up a call here.

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