Sending too many emails

Jan 27, 2022Email Marketing Best Practice

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re sending too many emails, then this article is for you.

Have you ever had a subscriber complain that you send too many emails?

It does happen and here’s what to do.

You’re sending me too many emails

That was the response someone on my client’s list replied with while we in the middle of a promotional campaign.

This lady also stated that she didn’t intend buying anything but just wanted to be reminded of her existence from time to time so she could refer.

She demanded that we email once a month, that was plenty for her.


My client was horrified that she caused this subscriber to complain and could we take up her suggestion and set up a monthly edition of her emails.

I said no.

Who’s in charge here?!

We shouldn’t allow one subscriber to dictate to us how we run our marketing.

Here’s why…

A nuisance newsletter v/s providing great value emails

We provide great value in those emails.

We aren’t charging our subscribers anything for those value filled emails.

Even our promotional campaign emails have great value.

Who’s doing who a favour?

Since she’s declared that she’s never going to buy anything, do we even want her on our list?

It costs us to maintain an email list both in fees to the email platform as well as fees to people like me to look after it.

Then, there’s our time composing and editing the great content.

So why should we keep her on our list if she has no intention of buying?

Should we reduce the frequency of emails to monthly?

She demanded that we reduce the email frequency to monthly.

However, monthly emails don’t cut it.

That’s just 12 touches to your list in a whole year!

And that’s not enough to nurture the people on your list or provide enough opportunities for them to become paying customers.

Monthly emails are not part of our marketing strategy especially since my client wants to grow the business substantially and make a dramatic difference.

Don’t dictate to me how to run my business!

This subscriber can’t tell us how to do our marketing – that’s my client’s business!

If she doesn’t like it, she can take herself off by unsubscribing.

Using a Soft Opt-Out

Or she could have used the soft-opt out option that took her off the promotional list without completely unsubscribing so she would still get the regular newsletters.

And if she unsubscribed (or we do it for her), then that’s Goodbye.

Goodbye to that negative energy.

Make space

Which makes space for a bunch of new subscribers who LOVE receiving my client’s emails who want to be part of my client’s community and are predisposed to becoming a customer.

Next time you receive an email from a subscriber complaining you’re sending too many emails you know what to do.

Wave them off kindly and make space for more suitable subscribers.

Next steps

If you’d like me on your team taking care of the tech and setting things up like soft-opts then let’s talk. Set up an ‘are we right for each other call’.