Should I be ditching my WordPress site?

Feb 10, 2021Website Tips

Should I be ditching my WordPress site

Well, my last email about WordPress being a faff caused a bit of a storm.

I’ve had replies and messages from people freaking out asking whether WordPress doesn’t work to whether they should migrate from their WordPress sites.

I also had WordPress aficionados complain to me, defending WordPress and shooting down the likes of Constant Contact and SquareSpace.

So, let me clarify.

WordPress still works and it is my go-to platform for building complex sites.

If you already have a WordPress site and it works and you have tech support at hand and you’re happy finding your way around the back end of WordPress, then there’s absolutely no need to switch or migrate.

However, if your WordPress site is looking dated, doesn’t work, needs a refresh or revamp, isn’t that complex and you hate going in the backend because you find it tricky, don’t have reliable support on hand, then these are good reasons to make the switch to Constant Contact.

It’s a bit like having a Rolls Royce for the school run.

You’ll never need or use all the features this luxury car has when a smaller car like an Astra would do just as well without all the fancy gizmo’s and frills you have in the Rolls.

If all you need is a simple website that can attract your dream clients, offers easy ways to do business with you where you can offer appointments, as well as have a contact form, lead magnets, sell products, then Constant Contact is a good choice.

That’s what delegates of my Supercharged Website Mastermind are finding.

One delegate told me he spent a year creating a WordPress site for one of his businesses and even then he wasn’t happy with it.

Thanks to my Mastermind, he was able to create a professional looking website for his latest venture in half a day which put £4k in his pocket in just 72 hours!

For all the years I’ve been building WordPress sites, there’s no way even I can match that speed with completing a WordPress site.

So, to those wondering whether to switch….

If you’re happy with your WordPress site, then there’s no need to switch.

If you’re not happy and it’s time for a revamp anyway, then know there is a simpler alternative.

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay