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Apr 13, 2021Social Media

Social Media Bio

Yesterday was first day back after lockdown #3.

On my walk to gym, I stopped off at the Post Office to get stamps for two birthday cards for my two nieces who live in Denmark.

The cashier weighed the cards and told me the price.

You know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, when you realise you can’t find your purse?

Yup. That was me.

Then I remembered I had left my purse in another handbag.

Face palm moment.

Now, I’ve got to make a third trip!

Yep, I already had a go at this simple mission on Saturday, but I got to the Post Office too late.

I had forgotten it shuts at lunchtime on Saturdays 🙄.

Talk about making a simple mission difficult!

Two times and each time I forgot a vital piece necessary for me to complete my mission of posting two birthday cards.

It’s a bit like what can go wrong when launching a social media campaign and not having anything ready for interested people to take their interest further.

It took a bit of planning time to get ideas gathered for social media, then some more time creating the visuals, then you post them.

Maybe you even use a scheduling tool like Constant Contact 😜.

You get good reach and maybe some interactions.

Your social posts will get some people stalking you before they reach out, so they click on your bio.

But if your bio doesn’t lead them to your website, then their journey stops.

Like planning everything to take with me to the post office but not making note of closing times or bringing my purse.

So, my tip today is to check what your social media bio says about you and make sure there’s a link to your website.

And if you need a social posting tool to make it quicker and easier, then check out my quick video.

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash