Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Mar 29, 2021Website Tips

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My dad always used this expression.

Standing on the shoulders of giants is a metaphor which means “Using the understanding gained by major thinkers who have gone before in order to make intellectual progress”

My dad was a prolific inventor, and his philosophy was to find ways to improve and make things better using what’s already in existence.

He would tap into the knowledge of experts to gain an understanding instead of learning from scratch unnecessary detail.

It makes utter sense to do this.

One of his inventions was related to cell phones.

When cell phones first came out in the 80’s they didn’t have long battery life.

3 hours at most.

Yet radio pagers could last up to 3 months before their battery ran out.

After many phone calls to various tech-heads in the back offices of the cell phone giants of the day, he discovered why and had a light bulb moment.

What if the technologies of both cell phone and radio pagers were combined, then you could have a cell phone with a battery that lasted 3 months.

He filed a patent, got some editorial in the FT which resulted in the phones ringing non-stop and he sold the patent to the highest bidder.

All thanks to him standing on the giants of those that had gone before him.

He didn’t dive deep into how cell phones and pagers were made, just learnt enough detail to get the result he wanted.

Today, we have at our disposal gazillions of tutorials on YouTube to learn just about anything.

And it could take literally months to sift through everything to find what you need to know including how to build websites.

Some are out of date, some give wrong information, loads are too technical and difficult to understand and others give no clue what words are good to use.

You could easily spend months learning how to build a website and still not have a good website at the end of it.

Months that you could be earning but instead are wasting trying to learn something from scratch.

Or you could just take a leaf out of my dad’s book and sit on the shoulders of the giant (me!) that’s already done it, filtered out what you don’t need, developed an easy to implement process which means you achieve the results you want.

More sales.