The Habit of Content Creation

Jun 11, 2021Content Creation, Website Tips

Content Creation – good habits

Creating content benefits your business. But what happens when you fall out of the habit of content creation? How do you get back on track?

This article gives some tips to making content creation a good habit.

content creation habit

Good habits

When my gym reopened a couple of months ago, I was raring to get back to the gym.

I had a good routine going at the end of the day when I had finished my work.

I was going at least 3 days a week, sometimes 4 and loving it.

It felt virtuous knowing that I was doing my body and health good.

Falling out of habit

Then I had a short spell of feeling unwell and wasn’t up to going so I stopped.

By the time I felt good again, I had fallen out of the habit of going to the gym.

My gym time had been filled with other stuff.

And before I knew it, a week had passed, and I hadn’t been even once.

Content creation habits

So, it can be with your marketing.

You get into a good habit of writing regular articles, blog posts, social media and emails.

It’s good for your business.

You’re touching people regularly and you start to see results as you get some new prospects and clients.

Then you get busy with the client work.

Or perhaps something else happens in your life that takes over (illness, family issues) which temporarily stops you from writing/recording.

And before you know it, just like my going to the gym, writing is no longer a habit.

When you stop creating content

When you stop producing and publishing content, your audience forgets you.

Then, before you know it you see people in your own circles going to your competitors.

That sucks right?

Why didn’t they come to you? Surely, they know that’s what you do?

That’s why it’s important to keep up with content marketing, even when you get busy, so that when the paid work ends, you have a tribe of people used to hearing from you who know what you do.

But keeping up with content marketing can be time-consuming.

Content Engine Framework

That’s why I created the Content Engine Framework.

It breaks down the process of creating and publishing content into chunks that take advantage of the different energy types you need.

You also end up with a system that is easy to outsource when the time is right like when you get busy with client work.

Content Creation can become a habit like going to the gym. It benefits your business and will help keep a steady stream of potential customers.

Next Steps

If thinking up content ideas, editing and publishing content is currently too time-consuming, then you need my Content Engine Framework Masterclass.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash