The jigsaw puzzle of online marketing tools

Aug 5, 2021Content Creation, Lead Generation, Website Tips

The jigsaw puzzle of online marketing tools

Getting online marketing tools to work nicely together is a bit like piecing together a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Just like a jigsaw you want all the web tech to work smoothly together. Here’s how I help achieve that for clients.

Do you love a good jigsaw puzzle too?

You either love them and enjoy the challenge of resolving them or hate them because you see no point in solving a problem that’s already been solved.

As kids, Mum took us to Denmark every year for the whole 6 weeks of summer holidays and we mostly stayed at my grandparents summer house in Blokhus, a beach resort in North Jutland.

Doing jigsaws became one of our summer holiday activities.

As we got older, we progressed to 1000 piece jigsaws with lots of blue sky, water or indistinguishable floral or brick backgrounds.

The 1000 piece jigsaws were pretty challenging and looked near impossible as we tipped out the pieces into huge piles on to the coffee table.

However, mum instilled in us a ‘we can do this’ mindset and she taught us a methodical way of sorting through all the pieces and piecing it all together bit by bit.

It was a family project, that we dipped into as it pleased us.

If we had had enough sun outside, or if it was raining, maybe while we waited for dinner to be made, or just because we were bored, there would be at least one of us poured over a pile of jigsaw pieces, sorting through them into different piles of colours or shapes, tried/not tried.

Family or friends who came to visit, also had a go.

It became an addiction!

Each day you could see less table and more of the puzzle’s picture would make sense.

After a few weeks it would be complete.

What a proud moment it was as the last piece was slotted in its place.

You could smooth your hand over the surface and it would feel amazing, all the little smooth bumps flowing up and down as the pieces met each other neatly and perfectly.

And it would stay intact for the rest of the holiday – a showpiece for everyone to enjoy.

It’s a bit like all the pieces of your online funnel.

Just like a jigsaw it can start as a big confusing mess of all different components that are supposed to fit together.

You may have a website, a lead magnet, email marketing tool, online diary scheduling tool, online courses, products, landing pages, thank you pages and social media accounts on various different platforms.

It’s just like starting a jigsaw puzzle, there’s far too much table showing through with sections of part completed jigsaw that don’t connect up with each other and piles of pieces not slotted in yet.

Just like the individual half complete sections of the jigsaw, your online tech may kind of work and you can see what that section of the picture is, but until they are all connected up with all the missing gaps filled in (like email nurture sequences, thank you pages, segmentation and tagging that makes sure your audience gets the information most pertinent to them), it’ll be like running your hand down an incomplete jigsaw….. It doesn’t feel right.

That’s where my expertise comes in.

I’m good at filling in the gaps and making sure that wherever that person has come from, whether it’s one of your social platforms, an ad campaign, google search, blog post, they get guided seamlessly to becoming a raving fan who keeps referring you, a subscriber who devours all your content and ultimately a paying client.

I find those gaps and plug them so the people that matter (your dream clients) don’t fall through the cracks.

When you work with me, I’m the one saying ‘we can do this’.

Here’s what we work on making even better:

1. Website – create or improve your website so that it attracts more dream clients

2. Attraction – set up systems so that you grow a base of raving fans and referrers

3. Content – create processes to help you create expert authority content that’s exciting to read and uniquely you

4. Communications – set up and improve your nurture email sequences, landing pages and launches so that your audience is guided to make a booking, phone call, or purchase

5. Visibility – Review the stats so that we see trends and optimise the opportunities that become apparent

For me web tech is like a 1000 piece jigsaw waiting for my magic touch so that it’s a smooth experience for your audience to transition from not/hardly knowing you to dream client, just like running a hand down a completed jigsaw.

Just like our family holiday jigsaw puzzles, you don’t have to do the online jigsaw by yourself.

Contact me if you’d like my help getting your online systems working really well at getting you more enquiries and sales.

Photo by Edge2Edge Media on Unsplash