The Organised Moving Day

Feb 16, 2021Website Tips

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We were up at the crack of dawn.

My 23yo daughter, Claire, was at our door on Friday, ready to go fetch the hire van that she had organised.

You have to be over 25 years old to hire a van so my hubby got enlisted to be van driver.

With the van at their flat and the four of us all got to work loading it up.

It didn’t take long to load up the van, my car and their car and we drove, literally, 5 minutes down the road and round the corner to our house.

Claire and her boyfriend, Anthony, are vacating their rented flat to move in with us so they can save up for a house.

After a year of renting they’ve agreed that they can get along with each and the next step is to buy a house together.

Moving back in with us means they can save more and get their dream house quicker.

Back at our house, we unloaded the van and cars and Claire and Anthony set about getting all their stuff organised.

There’s three large boxes in the garage of stuff they won’t need while they live here.

The bed was assembled and made, clothes and personal stuff is organised neatly in their room.

Her desk and computer are set up in the lounge (her office are not back in the office yet).

Everything was in place and organised by tea time.


I’m impressed with Claire’s organisation and planning.

Claire is dyslexic and has found her flow in being super organised and having processes for everything.

It’s probably why she’s so good at her accountancy job.

Claire had clearly thought about what they needed while they live with us, where it was going to go, the order things should be moved out of the flat, into the vans and into our house.

She’d also sorted out what they didn’t need while they live with us and could be stored.

So when it came to the move itself, it was really painless.

There was no squabbles or frayed tempers.

It went like clockwork.

Much like planning a website.

When you know who your dream client is and the problem they have that you solve, then putting together your website becomes a doddle.

In my Super Easy Website programme, Module 1 is all about the planning.

There’s an exercise that gets you thinking about who your dream client is and what they think of their problem.

When you identify with your dream client and their problems, they feel understood and then it’s easier to present them with an offer that they want to take up.

All the rest of the build becomes easier because you have the end goal in mind.

Just like my daughter’s home move.

You can see what else you get in my Super Easy Website Programme here.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash