The path to funnel sales

Oct 22, 2021Lead Generation

funnel sales-paths that disappear

Funnel sales sounds very masculine and domineering, like you’re forcing people to do something without their control or consent. But what if you reframe it as a path that people take that leads to you. At any time, they can stop, turn back or take a turning to another path or continue on their journey to be led to working with you.

The path that disappeared

My 26yo daughter took myself and my mother on a lovely walk nearby her new home.

It was a mystery walk. Whilst she had seen there was an interesting path at the end of her road, my daughter hadn’t actually walked it or knew where it led to.

We were all intrigued, so we set off.

Now, I’m a town girl. I’m used to pavements and proper paths where you’re in no doubt that you’re on the right path and going in the right direction.

My daughter has moved to Aylesbury.

Proper country (to a townie like me anyway).

The path we took was part of a circular walk and to start with, despite it not being concrete or paved, the downtrodden grass made it obvious we were on a path.

The path took us alongside the building site for the HS2 railway line.

Then went alongside a meadow and field.

Then over a style, across a railway line (no bridge, tunnel, or level crossing in sight!)

Over another style and then the path seemed to just vanish.

There was no downtrodden grass, no signposts; nothing to indicate which direction to go.

Just a freshly ploughed field opened up in front of us.

We could see the main road at the other side of the field, so just traversed across it to the road.

We thought aloud what we might say in case an angry farmer appeared and came chasing us off his ploughed field.

It felt somehow wrong to be walking over this freshly ploughed field. Like we were doing something illegal.

This can be what a prospective client can feel if you don’t provide them with a proper path to take towards working with you.

They may land on your website but if it’s not obvious to them what to do next (no path) they do nothing.

Or there’s too much choice (too many paths and arrows offering different routes), then the overwhelm of choice paralyses them to do nothing.

Maybe they sign up to your free thing but there’s no follow up nurture sequence leading them to the next step.

And with no nurture sequence, they feel lost like we felt in the middle of the ploughed field where the path disappeared.

But there is another way.

A clear path and direction that leads to working with you. One that guides them along and offers them the opportunity to self-select themselves to carry on along the path because the messaging attracts them.

So that when they arrive at the end of the path, they’re perfectly aligned to working with you.

That’s what a good sales path does.

Thankfully, we managed to get out of the field back on to a proper pavement without any angry farmers chasing us off.

So, there you have a sales path, an alternative way to funnel sales that doesn’t feel so controlling and masculine.

Not sure how to go about creating a path on your website that leads to working with you? Then let’s talk. Set up an ‘are we right for each other’ call.