Web Building Made Simple

Jun 1, 2021How-to, Website Tips

Kimberly needed a website for her new VA business and wanted to keep her costs down. She also had no previous web building experience. Yet she was able to create a professional website that gained her 2 new clients very shortly after launching her website. Here’s her video explaining her experience of the Super Easy Website program.

When Kimberly joined the Super Easy Website programme, she had zero web building experience whatsoever.

The idea of building a website for her new VA business was quite daunting.

She discovered that the Super Easy Website program made the web building a very simple process.

She found it is simple and easy to set up her website and furthermore to edit and add to, which is important for her to be able to do without relying on developers, as her business develops and grows.

Kimberly now has a finished website which means she has a professional and online presence that actually explains her admin support services to the health and wellbeing industry.

Since launching her website www.va-teamplayer.co.uk, she’s acquired two clients and one potential client as well.

Kimberly said the best thing about the program was getting access to Vee’s help on all aspects of her build and not being left to struggle alone.

“Vee also knows what makes a good website and she advises without being asked, offering ideas to make extra tweaks I hadn’t thought of, which I found really, really helpful.”

“I would recommend The Super Easy Website program to even a complete beginner. Vee’s Super Easy Website program is really not daunting. In fact, Vee makes it easy and a pleasure”.

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