Website refresh to convert visitors to clients

Mar 1, 2021Website Tips

It’s finally done!

It’s only taken 4 months!

Just over a week ago I was telling you about a bit of cool marketing I came across when I was trying to source carpets for our lounge, hall, stairs and landing.

In case you missed it, you can read it here.

I’m so pleased with the new carpets so I thought I’d share it with you .

It’s changed the feel of the room and made it more airy and light.

We had got so used to the old carpet and hadn’t notice that it had become a bit dated and tired looking.

When you do a refresh project on your home, you’re forced to look at everything in the room and declutter, discard or repurpose to another room.

A bit like what you do when you look at your website with fresh eyes.

Does it still serve its purpose?

Is the information still relevant to your dream clients and reflect your business offerings today?

I’m in the middle of migrating from my former name to my (not-so) new married name, so I’ve been looking at my old website and doing exactly this.

I’ve been impressed with myself at how many blog posts I’ve written over the years (134 to be exact!).

But there’s a lot of posts that need discarding because they’re no longer relevant.

And there’s a good few nuggets that I’m going to upcycle and make relevant to today, so watch this space…

How about your website?

Does it need a review?

Have you been like me, putting it off because it seems like a big job?

I’ve created a 5 minute PDF guide that will help you make simple tweaks to get it better at converting visitors to clients.

If you haven’t already got it, you can┬ádownload the guide here. It’s free.

No opt-in. The link takes you straight to the guide.

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash