What to do When Overwhelmed

Oct 14, 2021How-to

What to do when overwhelm hits you

what to do when overwhelmed

What to do when overwhelmed, whether it’s choices and decisions to make in your business, sorting through a huge to-do list, or what to start on first, Vee talks about some recommendations on how to move out of overwhelm and into focused action.

A few people have been telling me recently they have so many ideas bubbling in their heads, they’ve bought into multiple programmes, signed up to newsletters and are bombarded with messages from all different gurus advocating their thing that they ‘should’ be doing, that they feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Entrepeneurs are always learning

It’s understandable.

As an entrepreneur you are on a continual learning journey, so you want to avail yourself to the learnings of those who’ve gone before you.

There are so many business coaches and gurus out there sharing their expertise and journeys

You might just follow all the free stuff and try and work it out with the snippets they drip out in their emails and blogs.

And that’s fine.

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

The trouble starts when you follow several teachers. They use cleverly worded emails designed to make you think they have the answer to what you’re striving for.

Multiply that by all the different programmes and newsletters you’ve signed up to and that’s why overwhelm hits and you get analysis paralysis and do nothing.

Which means you don’t make progress.

You fear that you may miss out – that one nugget of information that will make the difference to you/your business.

The One Thing

One of my favourite books is Gary Kelly’s ‘The One Thing’.

Gary advocates a simple principle to run everything on your to-do list through this filter.

It can be applied to just about anything from projects, ideas, purchase decisions or indeed any decision – anything where you’re feeling overwhelmed or overloaded with too much choice.

The ONE Thing Filter Question

The filter question The One Thing tells you to run everything you do through is:

‘What’s the ONE thing that I can do such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?’

Then you schedule time in your diary to do it.

If that one thing is a big project, then the first action you do (in that allocated time in your diary) is break it down to smaller manageable steps and then schedule time in your diary to do them.

I use an app Todoist.

It’s the place that I manage my tasks and workload.

It’s also the place where I dump my ideas that often spring out of my head (often when I’m busy with other priorities).


When I dump them on my IDEAS board it’s out of my head in a safe space where they won’t get forgotten and that way I don’t get distracted by them taking up space in my head.

Other apps you could use instead of Todoist are Trello and Clickup. Or if you prefer actually writing – then a notebook dedicated for your brilliant ideas.

Then you decide when and how frequently you review this list and filter them down to the ONE thing you’re going to focus on this month (or quarter or year or whatever floats your boat).

Stick to one expert to avoid overwhelm of advice

If you’re being bombarded with email newsletters then maybe ONE thing is to choose who’s going to be your ONE expert and unsubscribe to all the rest.

You can always resubscribe when the time is right and when you’ve finished your time with the ONE expert you chose.

Use the filter question to choose who that expert is going to be. Who’s going to get you to the next step in your journey?

What do you need right now?

Is it clarity about what direction to go? Then pick a coach who will help you get that clarity.

Is it that you have clarity but need a strategy? Then you need a business coach who has a strategy that you like and you can resonate with.

If writing isn’t your thing, then don’t sign up to a course that teaches you how to write and sell books on Amazon.

Go with a coach or programme that strengthens your natural talents or something that you aspire to be great at with the right kind of coaching.

Then put some skin in the game and buy their programme and put time in your diary to do the programme.

If it’s not right, then unsubscribe. Be decisive. No need to be reminded of FOMO every time you open your inbox.

Overwhelm Antidote

So, there you have some tips and guidance on what to do when overwhelmed with too many ideas and choices.

Next steps

Then when you’re ready for some help with tech implementation, give me a shout.