What to tweak on your website so that you get enquiries, leads and sales

Jan 15, 2021Website Tips

website journey

It was Christmas eve and I was roasting our Christmas eve pork joint. 

It’s a tradition passed down through the Danish half of my roots.

The smell of the roasting pork was mouth watering.

Suddenly we were in darkness and silence! 

All the electrics tripped. 

The oven had somehow tripped the fuses in the consumer unit in the garage. 

After a minor scramble for a torch we got the electrics restored except the ovens still wouldn’t work.

Thankfully the pork was cooked enough for our dinner albeit the crackling was not crackled. 

The earliest I could book an engineer was Jan 11. 

And then we got Covid so I had to post postpone until we were better and out of isolation. 

We’ve been oven-less for all this time! 

The Neff engineers came Friday and got it working.


Turned out, there was nothing wrong with the oven!

There was an additional consumer unit in the cupboard above the ovens that had tripped. The Neff guys flipped the switch back on and the ovens are working fine.

Phew! We were expecting some costly replacement parts!

So we basically paid £99 for them to flip a switch!

A switch we had forgotten existed in a cupboard behind all my cookery books. 

Talk about a face palm moment! 

It’s a bit like when people ask me to check their ads because they’re not getting any leads. 

It usually turns out that actually the problem is with their website. 

They assumed their website was good.

They had poured a lot of hours creating it and were really proud of it. 

But like me, assuming my oven was broken, there was nothing wrong with it (the ads) and what needed fixing was flipping the switch in the consumer unit (the website).

Putting in some simple tweaks in their website which, now that I’ve pointed them out seem so obvious (removed the recipe books to expose the consumer unit). 

So the lesson? 

If I had thought of checking the hidden consumer unit or the engineer had come sooner I could have been baking, roasting, grilling and microwaving all this time!

If your website isn’t generating leads or sales then it’s not working, no matter how pretty it is or what your traffic numbers or Google rankings are. 

Don’t waste time and money sending ads to a website that’s not working!

I can review your website and identify what to tweak so that you do get enquiries, leads and sales.

If you’d like me to look over your site, then contact me.